Toe Up


Don’t fear getting hurt.

How / Why you started: I was writing an article for a class, and decided to write about roller derby at the suggestion of a friend. We went to a bout, and in between periods, I chatted with some of the girls on the team who encouraged me to come check out newbie practice. I made my darling wonderful wife come with me because I was way too scared and shy to try it on my own. Before we knew it, we were on skates and spilling our asses all over the track…and have been doing so ever since.
Favorite Derby Moment: Playing our first game in the Schwartz Center in 2009. It was by far the largest crowd we had ever skated in front of at home, and the noise and excitement was amazing. It’s still kind of amazing and always makes me a little nervous.
Inspiration for name: It’s a long story…
Real job: Property Management
Likes: (good) coffee, audiobooks & podcasts, baking, jokes, mornings, the first sip of beer right after a bout, my wife, snuggling kitties, good grammar, surprises
Dislikes: flavored coffee, decaf coffee, Starbucks coffee, instant coffee, people who don’t put grocery carts in the designated cart return area and other general disregard for simple rules that contribute to a well organized society, skaters who don’t pay attention during practice, butterflies

“Don’t fear getting hurt. You may get hurt, you may not, but fear of it won’t change anything. Endeavor to be as versatile a player as you can. You will get corrected, you will get shouted at, and you will get smack talked to; if you can’t handle it, derby is probably not the sport for you.” - Toe Up