Sass Squash


Get lower!

How / Why you started: I started derby because a childhood friend has played derby for a number of years and she thought it would be a great outlet for all my pent up hostility.  I saw my first bout in the spring of 2018 and just felt like I might belong out there.
Favorite Derby Moment: When we first started practicing contact as new recruits and something finally felt natural!
Inspiration for name: I have an unhealthy zeal for cryptozoology.  Also, I am sassy and I will squash you.
Real job: Bookkeeping, Volunteer K9 handler for Search and Rescue
Likes: naps, books, The Avett Brothers,  mountains, dogs, whitewater rafting
Dislikes: bad drivers, people, mornings, sushi, spiders, running, burpees
Cross Training: Crossfit

“Get lower! When you think you’re low enough, get even lower.  You can try all your life and you will still never be low enough.” - Sass Squash




  • Riedell R3’s
  •  Sonar Cayman 96a wheels