Do or do not.  There is no try.  – Yoda

How / Why you started: went to a new recruits registration.  Failed my first assessment and from there I was determined to pass!  I wanted to get strong, get in better shape, and make some new friends/hobbies.
Favorite Derby Moment: So far, passing assessments in my second round of new recruit boot camp!
Inspiration for name: Voltron, 80’s cartoon character
Real job: hydraulic shop manager
Likes: in no particular order,  skating, traveling, food, animals, & music.
Dislikes: naysayers & goat cheese.
Cross Training: weight lifting

“Don’t overthink!  If you’re interested, come and see us.  We will welcome you to the family!” - Rolltron




  • Mota Savage Fiberglass Boot
  • Mota Toxic Hybrid 88A/93A Wheels