Red White N’ Brooze


Give 100% of yourself.

How / Why you started: I missed playing contact team sports. Roller Derby was big in Austin, Texas where I went to college but never got around to trying it until I settled in North Carolina.
Favorite Derby Moment: Finally making my 27/5 during New Recruit Camp. I literally cried happy tears.
Inspiration for name: Red Hair and ‘Merica.
Real job: Client Services Specialist
Likes: Pizza, puppies, and sleep
Dislikes: Bad Attitudes
Cross Training: Weightlifting

“This is a real sport. Be prepared to dedicate yourself fully to derby just like you would any other serious commitment. You will get the most out if you come in willing to give 100% of yourself.

- Red, White N' Brooze


  • Luigino Q6 boots
  • Avenger plates
  • Halo 93 Wheels