Juggernaut Justice


Don’t let fear get in your way

How / Why you started: I saw a FB post for CFRG new recruit training starting the next day, I was curious, so I went. My intention was to get exercise and meet a new group of women, I was still new to town and was looking to further develop my local social landscaping.
Favorite Derby Moment: Any “Ah Ha” moment, when I learn something new, get support from another player, have the opportunity to build up another player, and generally connect on a human level. Right now – favorite moment: At second assessment after 12 weeks of training to be a roller girl, I exceeded my expectations for #laps in 5 minutes. In pursuing my goal of 27 laps with goal of getting to it, I put new bearings on my wheels which was like skating on bavarian cream, so nice; I put in lots of practice attending assessed skater practices continuously pushing my mind and boundaries; and got input from other girls on their skating technique while I mimicked faster skaters leaning and cross overs; and it all paid off in spades, aces, and laps.
Inspiration for name: I was inspired and the name came to me. It was fitting, I work in regulatory affairs, so, “justice“, and the juggs, well…Marvel Comics of course.
Real job: I’m a federal agent with a badge
Likes: kayaking; cooking; art; the smell of ocean air, honeysuckle, and sun-warmed pine
Dislikes: drugs, escapism, lying, fear, bad food, soda, homelessness, price gauging on pharmaceuticals, and diabetes
Cross Training: I supplement my practices to strengthen the parts of my body I use for derby, I want to do better, which to me means: stronger, better endurance and lung capacity, be more agile, and flexible for the falls and avoiding injury. I do pilates and yoga for core, flexibility, strengthening, and balance; I do speed and ice skating off-skate exercises for strength training and optimizing technique; I watch figure skating and skate dancing for technique to opening my mind to other possibilities on skates, will watch tutorials, and try some of it at practice – always pushing my boundaries; I do bicycling for cardio and strengthening my legs, glutes, hips, psoas, and TFLs.

“Have fun! When it’s available to you, go to assessed skater practices and bring your gear, get out and try something new. You will be supported and challenged and far exceed what you may learn on your own. Don’t let fear get in your way, it’s a pitiful shade of illusion designed to hold you back, be brave, walk through it, and see it was nothing; and the rewards are vast.” - Juggernaut Justice