GoGo Kazan


Best decision ever!

How / Why you started: I used to roller blade a lot in college in the 1990s, but stopped before I had my kid. Then my kid got really into it a few years ago and started playing inline hockey, so I got new blades so I could skate with her and get back in shape. My friends talked me into trying derby since I was already a skater, but going back to quads was a huge challenge. Now I love quads, too!
Favorite Derby Moment: Meeting Miracle Whips in person!
Inspiration for name: “GoGo Kazan” comes from two of my favorite movie characters – GoGo Tomago, the skating superhero from “Big Hero 6” and GoGo Yubari, the teenage assassin from “Kill Bill Vol.1.” Kazan is Japanese for “volcano”.
Real job: Mom for now, but used to be a scientist.
Likes: Microscopes, chocolate donuts, SCUBA, spiders, movies
Dislikes: Mosquitoes, coffee, sour candy, litterbugs
Cross Training: Zumba, running.

“Do it! Best decision ever! And do lots of squats to strengthen legs and core muscles. “ - GoGo Kazan




  • Riedell R3 boot
  • Radar Presto wheels 95A