Crash Mountain


Don’t ever give up.

How / Why you started: I saw a bout and they were advertising registration night. I decided right then that I wanted to be a derby girl.
Favorite Derby Moment: The first time I stayed upright and in bounds when Terror Nova hit me.
Inspiration for name: I fell a lot when I was going through the new recruits program, so a couple people started calling me Crash, and it stuck. I love the band Amon Amarth which means Mount Doom in JRR Tolkein’s Elvish. Putting the two together to make a pun seemed natural.
Real job: Insurance
Likes: Cupcakes, naps, dogs, heavy metal, unicorns and skating with my daughter.
Dislikes: alarm clocks, driving, when people don’t honor their commitments.
Cross Training: Spin Classes, Cycling and Weight Lifting

“It can be frustrating and intimidating, but if you keep pushing you’ll do things you never thought you’d be able to. “ - Crash Mountain




  • Bont Prostar boot
  • Bont Athena Plates
  • Atom Savant wheels 88a/93a