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Tragedy Ann

How / Why you started: I started derby because it was something I felt I could excel at both mentally and physically along with gaining a great group of friends Favorite Derby Moment: Don’t have one yet! Once I bout I’ll let you know. Inspiration for name: Told my step kids if they came up with a name that I liked I ... More



Honey Bunz

How / Why you started: I started learning to play derby to make some new friends Favorite Derby Moment: Inspiration for name: My nephews call me Aunt Honey, and my last name is Hoge (like hoagie) and have been called "hoagie buns" for sports. So I combined them. Real job: Likes: Gardening, going to concerts, writing ... More


How / Why you started: went to a new recruits registration.  Failed my first assessment and from there I was determined to pass!  I wanted to get strong, get in better shape, and make some new friends/hobbies. Favorite Derby Moment: So far, passing assessments in my second round of new recruit boot camp! Inspiration ... More


How / Why you started: My dad bought me my first pair of roller skates when I was maybe 10 years old immediately I fell in love. My dad messaged me one day and said “hey the cape fear roller girls are looking for team members you should try out!” I thought to myself "no way -I can’t do that!", boy am I glad I did! ... More

You Should Be A Non-Skating Official

NSO's are at the very heart of every roller derby game. More

You Should Be A Referee

Becoming a referee is an amazing way to rollerskate and to be a part of a team of talented officials who referee at our home games. More



Professor Lou Botomy


GoGo Kazan

In the deep space of the sea, I have found my moon.” -Jacques Yves Cousteau More