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Rizzo Disco

How / Why you started: per my last email, a young adult novel that made me realize roller skating, angst, and bad-assery could be combined. Favorite Derby Moment: The first time (assuredly not the last) Hawaiian Puncher knocked my ass off the track in a scrimmage practice. Inspiration for name: There were worse things I ... More

Lex Lucifer

How / Why you started: Favorite Derby Moment: Inspiration for name: Real job: Likes: Dislikes: Cross Training:     Skates: More

Catasaurus Wrecks

How / Why you started: I always had mad respect for roller girls, and when I saw the announcement about tryouts I knew I had to give it a shot! Favorite Derby Moment: When all the girls from my new recruit class passed assessments! I love my team. We all worked so hard and I was SO proud of us. Inspiration for name: My ... More

Wicked Rivah Rat

How / Why you started: I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, The Roller Girls kinda fell on my lap at the best time possible! Favorite Derby Moment: During Laps and you just want to give up but your teammates and coaches keep pushing you and supporting you, and because of that you find the strength to ... More


How / Why you started: Derby girls are tough and athletic, I wanted to be that. I didn't know at the time I needed a group in my life that encouraged and supported me. I also saw a bout in 2005, they were my heroes, skating fast and hitting hard, I wanted to become them. Favorite Derby Moment: Every time you get encourag... More

Juggernaut Justice

Don't let fear get in your way More

Sass Squash


Crash Mountain

Don't ever give up. More

Tragedy Ann

How / Why you started: I started derby because it was something I felt I could excel at both mentally and physically along with gaining a great group of friends Favorite Derby Moment: Don’t have one yet! Once I bout I’ll let you know. Inspiration for name: Told my step kids if they came up with a name that I liked I ... More