Get To Know CFRG – Deezonia

Ever wonder what your favorite roller derby team is like in real life? The Cape Fear Roller Girls are made up of a group of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds, who are united by our passion for roller derby. In our “Get To Know CFRG” series, we pull back the curtain to show you what CFRG’s league members do when we’re not on skates.

Get to know our Head Coach, Deezonia.

  • On the Track

    Every good team needs a good coach, right? The Cape Fear Roller Girls are proud to introduce our coach, Deezonia. At practice, he’s always making sure our skills are as sharp as our edges, giving us the encouragement (or kick in the butt) that we need along the way!

  • For the League

    As our Head Coach, Deez plans and leads our league practices and scrimmages, identifying our players’ strengths and identifying and helping us improve our weaknesses, as well as being there for us on game day to keep us solid, focused and motivated.

  • Off the Track

    When he’s not busy keeping us scallywags under control, coach manages a busy restaurant here in Wilmington.

  • Behind the Name

    Deezonia describes the Outkast album STANKONIA as the influence behind his derby name. He’s not sorry Ms. Jackson.

  • Why He Coaches

    After watching his wife, Hawaiian Puncher on the track, he decided to get down to business and get involved with coaching CFRG.

  • At Home

    He enjoys golf and watching football in his spare time, and says that to him, Roller Derby is like “football on wheels.”

  • Personal Goals

    When we asked Deezonia what his favorite aspect of coaching was, he said, “trying to make people believe in themselves.”



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    July 9, 2019 (3:17 pm)

    You are the BEST! need to come see the current team beat the competition!

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